Couture du Jour – November 1, 2005

By Sarah Cohan

Halloween is a time for young trick-or-treaters to go out and get some good candy for free by having fun and dressing up in costume. At the U of C, we have not forgotten this time-honored tradition, and this year many students put their creativity to work for the entire Halloween weekend.

On Friday night at a party in the Shoreland, the usual angels, devils, and vampires could be seen, but a few unusual costumes popped up as well. A businessman with no pants—complete with watermark pens in his pocket—showed up with a sweet transvestite who was from Transsexual, Transylvania. A knight and a ninja version of the Fantastic Four were sported by some young men in costumes made for even younger boys. A moon-faced Zorro brandished his sword while an unidentifiable cross-dresser hit on him. A Buddhist monk guzzling beer was found next to the Tahitian dancer. All of these characters and many more partied the night away, only to wake up on Saturday and do it all again.

As usual, when Halloween occurs on a weekday, you can’t just party on Friday, but you must find a separate costume for Saturday as well. Three apartment parties centered around 55th and Hyde Park yielded a costume bonanza. I found a girl covered in Post-It notes and being written on by a Playboy bunny. The UPS man was being robbed by the 18th-century train robber. A cowboy and his inflatable horse quickly galloped onto the scene. Someone dressed in gray sweats and covered with socks was going by two titles: “Static Cling” or “White Sox,” whichever you preferred.

Oksana Baiul was working on her accent while Rosemary Super Powers posed for the camera a million times before we could get the perfect shot. Mermaids were serving liquor with the help of a lovely French maid. Dorothy “I’m no longer a woman nor in Kansas right now” showed me her different sides (all five of them). Svetlana from the Plaza Hotel in New York was looking for work, when Jesus and a hockey player barged in. A life-sized box of Franzia was pouring his own wine while a camp counselor—wearing the tiniest shorts I have ever seen—took another shot.

My all-time favorite costumes of the night belonged to the crew of Clue. Miss Scarlett looked dashing with her rope, Mr. Green had the wrench and smashing Bill Gates glasses as well, Colonel Mustard was badass with his revolver, Mrs. Peacock looked devilish with her pipe, and Mrs. White stood ready with her knife while Professor Plum puffed away at his tobacco pipe in one hand and held the candlestick in the other. It was the best idea I had seen all night, and was pulled off elegantly, especially with all the weapons.

I applaud everyone who made an effort to dress up this weekend, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Of course I expect a large amount of creativity, but I wasn’t ready for the element of surprise. Hope you had a happy Halloween!