He-who-must-not-be-named (R–Texas)

It goes without saying that Saturday’s

By Tim Murphy

It goes without saying that Saturday’s vicious assault against this blog and everything it stands for by an army of libertarian spambots left scars. Deep scars, like someone went to flense a North Atlantic Right Whale and accidentally chopped up my self-esteem instead.So how can we ensure that this never happens again?An opponent as determined as the spambots can never be completely neutralized. They lurk in the shadowy underworld of the internet, prowling through hundreds of articles a day in search of some sign that their hero is winning the hearts and minds of America. They cannot be stopped, but we can take serious steps to limit their strike capabilities:For starters, the good doctor-congressman will be referred to from now on as “He-who-must-not-be-named.” If necessary, (R–TX) can be added as well. This will prevent posts from being sent to [bat-shit insane] supporters automatically via Google alerts.For more on the story, with a write-up that looks suspiciously like my original post, Wonkette reports on a similar weekend invasion from the spambots.UPDATE: Zero comments! Looks like this operation has been a success.