Humanities Day 2010 Round-Up

Inside the body of knowledge.

By The Maroon Staff

The humanities were on full display this weekend, as the Humanities Division presented 30 lectures on literature, religion, philosophy, history, art, and more. The Maroon has a round-up of some of the festival’s best offerings.

Bodies cross bordersThe directors of the U of C Human Rights Program discuss the evolution of human rights and its relationship with illegal immigration.

Cloning images of war—English and Art History professor W.J.T. Mitchell identifies the similarities between hooded prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Christ, and iPod dance ads and their influence on the public’s perception of the war on terror.

Jewish life in ’20s Baghdad—Professor Orit Bashkin challenges the common belief that Iraqi Jews were always a segregated and oppressed minority.

Cohen cracks code of jokes—What do you get when you cross Humanities Day and an academic humorist? One Wilde time.

Sri Lankans find solace in lit—Professor Sascha Ebeling speaks on the necessity of wartime literature as an outlet for victims and a tool for understanding the world.