Breckinridge House

1442 East 59th Street; 95 residents

By Ben Sigrist

Imagine you’re peacefully eating dinner in the dining hall. Suddenly your attention is stripped away from your mushy scalloped potatoes by a choir of guttural sounds. You look across the room and are shocked to see the occupants of two tables standing on their chairs grunting loudly while wildly waving their arms in the air. Either endearment or extreme annoyance should fill your heart as you realize that this is the infamous end-of-the-year Entmoot of Breckinridge.

Even when they’re not staging scenes from Tolkien, Breckies, as they are lovingly called, are a lively bunch. Known for their spontaneous absurdity and general lack of shame, Breckies are both loved and hated on campus. It is telling that in 2009, the B-J Scav team's shirt proclaimed, “Damn you, Breckinridge!”

Many Breckies mark this infamy as a badge of honor.

“I am proud to say that we have done an excellent job of terrorizing B-J,” third-year James Townsend said. “And if they think there is any hope of escaping us just because we are in a new dining hall, they are most certainly trippin’.”

As one of the dorms that is farthest away from the main campus (Breck is located on 59th and Blackstone), Breck is a tightly knit community.

“There’s a certain coziness that seems to be specific to Breckinridge,” third-year Lyndsey Moulds said. “I caught myself referring to it as ‘home’ during O-Week. That’s how welcoming it is.”

Housing around 90 students each year, Breck holds a wide variety of house activities. “Dinner and Star Trek Night” has it all in the name. And if you’re still hungry for home cooking, there’s also “Southern Food Night,” featuring sweet tea and fried green tomatoes.

One of the more unusual events that Breck holds is Sophie Day, a cocktail party of sorts where Breckies host their professors. Like many of Breck’s various activities, Sophie Day is known as somewhat awkward, but uniquely fun. Where else would you be able to hobnob with your friends and profs all at once? Now everyone can see for themselves how awesome or crazy your Sosc professors really are.

“From Southern Food Night to Sophie Day, events in Breck are always entertaining and enjoyable,” fourth-year Kiersten Kummerow said. “You couldn’t ask for a more caring and giving community.”