Softball splits doubleheader with Oshkosh

The Maroons still struggle with defense as they seized one out of two tight games played at home against Oshkosh.

By Andres Gonzalez Goodman

Strong hitting and smart play during critical innings helped the Maroons to take the first of two tight games in their doubleheader against UW–Oshkosh before falling by a single run in the seventh inning of the evening’s closing game.

In their opening game, the Maroons were led by first-year shortstop Vicky Tomaka who went two-for-three with three RBIs and one run scored. Chicago seized the lead in a three-run second inning thanks to a two-run homer by Tomaka, before Oshkosh responded with a three-run inning of their own. Another three-run inning in the fifth gave Chicago a definite lead as a solid defensive performance from the Maroons shut Oshkosh out over the last four innings.

In the second game Oshkosh got off to a running start, scoring three runs in the first inning. The Maroons fought back led by second-year second-baseman Julia Schneider, whose two homers in four at-bats brought in three runs for the Maroons. However, going into the final inning tied at five, Oshkosh centerfielder Whitney Tornow’s lead-off home-run proved to be decisive: The Titans shut out the Maroons to take home the win.

Chicago will complete their string of home doubleheaders when they face off against Hope next Thursday at 3 p.m.