SG appoints Losier graduate liaison

History graduate student Toussaint Losier will attend next week’s Student and Campus Life Trustee committee meeting.

By Asher Klein

Updated – Friday, February 26, 10:43 a.m.

Third-year history graduate student Toussaint Losier will attend next week's Student and Campus Life Trustee committee meeting after being appointed graduate liaison by a unanimous College Council (CC) vote, according to first-year CC representative Frank Alacron.

Losier's appointment passed Graduate Council Monday night. Losier had been a member of that body before his appointment.

Losier said normal procedure was followed in his appointment. "I was the only candidate but I had to stand in front of graduate council and CC and expain why I was putting myself forward for the position, answer any questions they had, and step out of the room while they deliberated," he said.

Losier replaces fourth-year anthropolgy graduate student Joe Bonni as liaison; Bonni resigned last week after University Secretary David Fithian did not allow him to appoint Losier as a proxy for the March 4 meeting, which Bonni cannot attend because he will be conducting fieldwork in Syria. Losier said he had been in conversation with Bonni on what to expect from the meeting.

Fithian confirmed Losier will attend the meeting as liaison in an e-mail.

"With the action taken by Student Government yesterday I consider Toussaint Losier to be the graduate liaison to the Board. We will arrange an orientation session for him in advance of the next Student and Campus Life Committee meeting which we expect him to attend along with Nance, the undergraduate student liaison to the Board," Fithian said.