RSVP leads workshop at Phi Delt

By Sara Jerome

Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) members Michelle Lugalia and Emily Tancer, third- and second-years in the College respectively, led a workshop at the Phi Delta Theta fraternity on Sunday, February 12.

RSVP is a peer education group on campus that aims to “promote healthy gender relations” by fostering discussion, according to their website. Members of RSVP are trained in topics such as sexual and dating violence and are available upon request for group presentations on campus.

Lugalia and Tancer’s hour-and-a-half program featured a lecture, discussion, and games that highlighted imbalances in the ways both sexes are viewed. Attempting to dispel popular myths about sexual violence, Lugalia and Tancer asked the fraternity brothers to draw on common stereotypes of men and women. The presentation emphasized the underreported problem of acquaintance rape and stressed the point that rape survivors are never responsible for having been attacked.

Barney Keller, the president of Phi Delta Theta and a third-year in the College, discussed why his fraternity hosted this event. “We’re trying to break stereotypes about fraternity culture,” Keller said. “Our brothers should be known as the type of people who would stop something [bad] from happening.”