Student Government launches new website

By Aaron Brown

The Student Government (SG) Campus Services Committee has unveiled a new University events website at The site features daily calendar listings of both on- and off-campus happenings aimed at U of C students, along with detailed descriptions made by participating organizations.

Although SG maintained an events calendar in the past, the new site represents an effort to better consolidate the vast amounts of information into one location.

Both registered student organizations (RSOs) and unofficial groups can advertise on the site. Postings are reviewed by the Campus Services Committee, which approves all listings and regularly updates the site throughout the day.

In addition to its informational purposes, the website ensures that RSOs advertise their events to the entire University community. Starting this year, RSOs are required to post activities online before they can formally request funding, in an effort to prevent groups from using University funds for private occasions, according to David Courchaine, chairman of the SG College Council.

“All events on the calendar are open to all students,” he said.

Visitors are able to browse upcoming activities or narrow their search to match their preferences. Postings are listed by day and category, including “RSO Event,” “Off-Campus Event,” and “Free/Cheap Food.”

The website also provides interested students access to a comprehensive listing of each activity. Students can find out the time and place of events, as well as brief descriptions and contact information.

“The calendar is more full of events than the old events calendar has ever been,” Courchaine said. “It has become an excellent tool for students.”