Argo Tea arrives at UCH

By Dasha Vinogradsky

A new location for Argo Tea recently opened inside the U of C Hospitals (UCH) at South Maryland Avenue and East 58th Street.

Argo Tea, named after Jason and the Argonauts of Greek mythology, is a young business that opened three years ago on the corner of Armitage Avenue and Sheffield Avenue in Lincoln Park.

“It’s a really cool exciting new company, a contemporary cafe feel, focusing on healthy teas and giving a spin on a tradition that’s been around for thousands and thousands of years,” said Heidi Best, manager of the UCH store.

Argo Tea has donated large amounts of white teas, which contain more antioxidant power than green tea, in the effort to help the UCH with cancer research. The contribution led UCH to invite the company to open a “teaosk” location inside the hospital.

Along with offering an alternative to coffee, the store educates its customers about tea.

“Because tea is not that popular in the United States, I have to educate people about the tea and about the menu,” said first-year in the College Nicole Baran, who works at the Hospital location.

“People have a lot more options, as far as what things taste like and what kinds of effects they have. Do they have health benefits? Do they have sugar or caffeine?” Baran said.

The store offers a wide range of natural loose leaf teas and signature drinks, like iced tea sangria with fresh fruits and hibiscus iced tea, Earl Grey vanilla creme tea, or bubble tea with coconut chunks instead of tapioca beads. The store also serves coffee, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and baked goods.