Scav Hunt 2011 List Highlights

No breeder reactors in sight this year, but take a look at the most interesting items on this year’s “List.”

By Adam Janofsky

After the University of Chicago's 25th Scavenger Hunt officially began Wednesday at midnight, teams from all dorms eyed "The List," which includes 277 items this year. Some challenges will be done in public, some may even happen during class, and some of them deserve a mention just for their zaniness.

Highest Point Value:

183. An automaton that juggles–evaluated for its ability to continuously juggle multiple objects in a complex pattern.

193. Animate three-dimensional characters using a strobelight.

265. A lion, tiger, or bear. With trainer. On campus.

79. A Trojan vertebrate containing at least two (adult human) team members.

In Class:

7. Send a SexySaxagram to your favorite class.

185. During class discussion, legitimately use the example of Mohandas Gandhi to support an act of violence against another human being.

On the Quads:

40. Affix a pair of appropriately enormous googly eyes to the campus building of your choice.

120. Build a pyramid on the quad by 1:00 p.m. Friday complete with sarcophagus, pets or servants, royal treasures, snacks

208. Reenact the siege of Jericho on the Administration Building Thursday at noon.

254. A replica of a famous skyscraper built out of a refrigerator box in front of Rosenwald by 10 a.m. Friday


10. Chain-mail coif made from recycled pop-can tabs.

17. Get Carl Kasell's personalized voicemail message on your answering machine.

19. A Curta calculator.

20. A lava lamp fondue bot–both the interstitial fluid and the gooey "lava" must be edible and delicious.

51. A basketball hoop that's a rib cage

53. A dozen eggs, one prepared in each of the following styles: scrambled, fried, poached, tamagoyakied, Scotched, tea-ed, century-ed, blow-torched, defibrillated, spatula-bouced (five times in a row, minimum), arc-welded, and Burning Man-ed

66. An Archimboldo-style, thematically-appropriate portrait of your favorite professor.

71. A Congressional Medal of Honor.

92. A real, live, and human case of situs inversus totalis, along with the radiographic evidence to prove it.

105. Get your team logo displayed at the South Pole.

139. A shrunken non-human head, made by your team in the traditional Jivaroan manner.

152. Superbowl championship gear from a team that didn't win.

156. One of Stephen Colbert's Medals of Fear.

191. Re-enact the scene from Lady and the Tramp, substituting the single strand of spaghetti with a loaf of garlic bread at least two feet long and two and a half inches wide. No hands.

198. Break an apple by placing it in the crook of your elbow and flexing.

205. Gilded age splendor mandated a dinner set comprised of 146 pieces of flatware. Bring your marrow scoops, Saratoga chip servers, terrapin forks, and the rest of the lustrous set.

225. Catch a ball at Wrigley Field by Sunday.

233. A painting of Dick Cheney, naked, riding a Kraken.

242. A sub-4 minute mile run on the Ted Haydon Track by Stagg Field.

251. Light a cigarette with a laser.

275. An e-mail from Steve Jobs to a team member, dated after List Release.