Greek boys and girls offer their services

By Sarah Hetherington

A raucous audience of undergraduates filled Hutchinson Commons for Alpha Omicron Pi’s (AOII) Dating Game and Silent Auction Wednesday evening. AOII organized the event in conjunction with other Greek organizations and RSOs as a fundraiser for the Arthritis Research Foundation and the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation.

The event included both a silent date auction for four AOII members and a matchmaking game modeled after the television show The Dating Game. Three anonymous contestants were hidden from the view of a bachelor or bachelorette, who interviewed the potential dates. The audience then chose one of the dates by applause for a pre-arranged excursion to a steakhouse meal, sports match, or other event.

President of AOII Amy Schau, a third-year in the College, offered her thanks to “our contestants for being so brave—and mildly sober.” The audience also

reflected varying levels of goodwill and inebriation, drowning out the blaring music with heckling and cheering alike in reaction to the suaveness and hilarity of the responses from the stage.

Host Loretta Nuccio, a second-year in the College, began by announcing the first round of three bachelor contestants and the bachelorette who would interrogate them. Questions ranged from the wacky—“If you were a scented body lotion, what scent would you be?” (Answer: “a tropical scent”)—to the suggestive—“Describe your bedroom to me.” (Answer: “a safe haven for consensual sex”). The show continued in this fashion, for four separate rounds.

The show was punctuated by an intermission during which the winners of the silent date auction were announced. A notable winner was first-year in the College Greg Kubarych, who managed to score dates with not one but two AOII members, Ceyda Savasli, a third-year in the College, and Carrie King, a first-year in the College.