Crime Report: May 23, 2006

By Zach Werner

May 19, 3:09 a.m.-—An armed man approached a male driver who had just parked his car on South Kimbark Avenue between East 57th and 58th Streets and forced him to re-enter the vehicle. The offender, who also entered the car, took a small amount of cash and then instructed the victim to drive to a bank on East 67th Street and South Stony Island Avenue. The offender instructed the victim to withdraw more cash from an ATM and then had him drive to East 66th Street and South King Drive, where the offender exited the vehicle and walked away. The victim was unhurt.

May 20, 7:13 p.m. and 8:55 p.m.—In two similar crimes, groups of men approached male individuals from behind and punched them repeatedly. The first incident occurred on South Drexel Avenue near East 56th Street. Witnesses noticed the attack and scared away the three offenders, who left without taking anything belonging to the victim.

The second incident occurred on East 58th Street near South Dorchester Avenue when seven offenders attacked a man and took his wallet and cell phone. U of C Police Department officials arrested two of the offenders from the second incident. It is unknown whether the same individuals participated in both crimes. The victim in the first incident received treatment at a hospital and was later released.