First floor café set to replace Ex Libris, student jobs in doubt

Administrators are still deciding if the new café, which is set to open in the fall, will be student-run or professionally catered.

By Rebecca Guterman

More changes are in the books for the Reg, as the University announced that a new café on the first floor of the Regenstein Library will replace Ex Libris by Fall quarter.

Graduate and professional students pushed for a new café in a library-sponsored survey last February, which helped prompt planning for the new café, according to an e-mail from Director of Library Access and Facilities Jim Vaughan.

Vaughan said the new location in the northeast corner will have windows, couches, and new finishes and furniture. The new café will also be more handicap-accessible than Ex Libris.

“The general industry practice would be if you were building a new building, and you want a café, you’d want it on the first floor,” said Director of Operations and Communications for Housing and Dining Services Richard Mason.

The renovations will occur over the summer in order to open fall quarter, according to Director of Student-Run Coffee Shops Stacey Brown. Brown said the café will be located within the ID-required area of the library where currently food is not allowed, but students will be able to eat and drink there.

According to second-year and Ex Libris employee Graham Albachten, the student workers at Ex Libris heard of the cafe’s closing along with the University community when the library posted the announcement for the new café on its website.

University administrators are still deciding whether or not the new café will be student-run or professionally catered. “Due consideration is being given to maintaining it as a new student-run café,” Mason said.

Albachten noted that Brown is pushing for student-run status, but he doubted the new café would fall under student ownership. “There is something sad about a campus with only University-owned cafés. It lacks a certain character,” he said.

Administrators are now soliciting student suggestions for the café’s name.