Shortcut: The Pale

By Carolina Bolado

The Pale’s album cover is, well, pale, but in a pretty sort of way. I like nice album covers, so I decided to give the album a listen, despite my dislike of the band’s name (“pale” is NOT a noun and should not be used as such). Gravity Gets Things Done, like its album cover, is very pretty. The entire album is unabashed saccharine pop/rock with catchy hooks. The very first song, “Space to Move,” draws you in and has you humming along by the second verse. The band’s punk influence shines through on “Reasons to Try” and “Big Dumb Smile,” both three-minute songs with big guitar riffs. “The Crash,” which appears to be directed at a friend who’s lost someone close, begins with muted guitars and sad vocals, but the song slowly gains momentum until you’re almost dancing along by the last time the refrain is repeated. Lyrically, though, the Pale leave much to be desired. A catchy tune is wasted on “How to Fit In,” which whines about how difficult it is to fit in—”the drama of acceptance with the pretty girls and the tough guys/ it’s easy to see why I’m so stressed out.” Brings you back to those high school days, which I guess is a good thing if they’re trying to appeal to that demographic. They end “Trash” with a chorus of “sha-na-na-na-na.” Very few singers can get away with a chorus of gibberish, and the Pale most certainly are not on that short list—or at least not yet.

-— Carolina Bolado