B-J Olympics

By David Kaye

Some eager students trekked across campus to work up a sweat last Saturday night during the Burton-Judson Olympics at Henry Crown. Residents from Dodd-Mead, Chamberlain, Vincent, Coulter, Mathews, Salisbury, and Linn Houses competed in basketball, free throws, volleyball, a food drive, and a game designed by each house. 150 students took part in the activities, nearly half of whom were B-J residents.

In Chamberlain House’s “Spin-A-Mid,” six students spun around baseball bats and then formed a human pyramid, which they had to hold for five seconds. For the Mathews House’s “all-out BRAwl,” one male and one female competitor took turns unhooking bras with one hand off four male “mannequins.” Dodd-Mead House had players pass around a greased nectarine with only their necks and chins.

In lieu of gold, silver, and bronze medals, houses earned points at each event which were then totaled to determine the overall victors.

As the winner of the participation contest, food drive, volleyball tournament, and basketball tournament, Vincent House won first place with 80 points, receiving $105 and a house study break. Mathews House took second place with 58 points, receiving $50. Trailing closely in third place was Linn House with 46 points.

The Olympics were sponsored by the Burton-Judson Council.