Letter to the Editor

By Letters from Readers

Red Line Shuttle

With all due respect, I find the little protests of Justin Rolfe-Redding et al. some of the most ridiculous things I have heard in a while. The U of C is attempting—gasp—to make this university a little more “normal” and help students get out into the real Chicago, And you apparently want to keep the kids sheltered in this air-tight bubble of studying and complaining about things like gender-neutral bathrooms.

Furthermore, if the Red Line Shuttle is indeed not “community-friendly,” couldn’t the same argument be made for the regular campus shuttle buses? Who needs those then? They are equally “biased” and we might as well all walk.

Come to think of it, University study is itself biased to the community. Why should we get to sit here and discuss the world’s big social problems when the folks around us are living it every day? Forget shutting down the Red Line Shuttle, we should just close down the University!

If Redding and Co. want to really do something for the community, try volunteering, tutoring, or just being kind to the guy sitting next to you on that Red Line trip downtown. I get the feeling that somehow those less-advantaged members of the community would appreciate that much more than eliminating the shuttle.

Rebecca Lunn

Second-year M.A. student