American Gangster1

As Alec alluded to, the Sun

By Tim Murphy

As Alec alluded to, the Sun-Times report provides a sobering account of the events leading up to Amadou Cisse’s murder:

Police say Walker was part of a group of teens who hatched a robbery plan while hanging out, watching a bootleg DVD of “American Gangster” and eating Pepe’s tacos in a little brick apartment building that had recently been targeted in a drug raid.

A tragic story just got even sadder. I won’t have too much to say as the process unfolds, except that if the report is accurate, he really is just a kid. It seems almost too cliched, that he would watch a violent movie and decided to try it out.Walker isn’t some vagrant drifter; he is 16 and will now be tried as an adult for first-degree murder, for which the obvious maximum penalty is a life sentence. Essentially, his crime has now put and end to two lives instead of one.