Much Abu about Mumia

With the Co-Op and its Evergreen no longer in existence, the

By Tim Murphy

With the Co-Op and its Evergreen no longer in existence, the Workers Vanguard has become my new favorite news source in Hyde Park.In addition to learning all about America’s raci$t, capitali$t elite, my favorite part of the ‘Guard is their letters from prison section. These gripping, 100% factual stories bring to life an important issue: the embarrassing shortage of copy editors in our nation’s prisons. It is often difficult to make it through an entire paragraph without finding some sort of misplaced modifier or a colon where there should be a semicolon.Anyway, the best place to pick up the Vanguard in Hyde Park is usually inside or outside the Reynolds Club. Yesterday’s front-page news centered around Mumia Abu-Jamal for, like, the 1,705th consecutive week. Apparently, yet another court ruled against him, keeping his perfect record alive. For the Vanguard, this is grounds for a series of mass, international protests. They’ve even staggered the dates over an entire week, so that no one in their right mind will make the connection that these rallies are somehow related. Of course, that’s assuming anyone in Berlin or Paris (last Saturday and the 19th, respectively) has any clue who Mumia Abu-Jamal even is.