30 Rock Episode 5.13 Recap

Wizard cloaks are in!

By Mae Rice

Wizard cloaks are in! Avery and Jack pulled some fashion industry strings to make cloaks stylish so Avery could hide her pregnancy. She is gunning for a news anchor job (gunning the only gerund that ever applies to Avery) that she won’t get if her bosses know she’s pregnant. Instead, the job will go to Carmen Chou (played by a surprisingly non-sucky Vanessa Minnillo), who is incredibly ruthless and ethnically ambiguous. At one point, Jack calls Carmen sneaky and then points out that his comment can’t be racist, since nobody knows what race she is.

Liz takes Avery baby shopping, and in the baby store they run into none other than Carmen Chou. To cover for Avery, Liz lies and says she is the pregnant one. Carmen tries to call Liz’s bluff by asking to interview her about her over-40 pregnancy, but Liz is a fearless liar! She does the interview. And when Carmen Chou asks her to take her shirt off and show off her baby bump, Liz not only obliges, but provides her own baby oil. So helpful! So shiny!

Meanwhile, Kabletown has taken over GE, and Kabletown is a “family” corporation. This means that Jack’s new boss, Hank Hooper, is Kenneth’s brain twin. One of his new policies requires Jack listen to ideas pitched by anyone anywhere on the corporate ladder. Jack hates spending times with plebes, and tries to convince Hooper that executives actually have the best ideas. But Jack’s ideas flop, and he ends up stealing Kenneth’s idea for the BlaBar—a black bar at the bottom of the screen that blocks out any genitalia that may wander into a movie.

Jack feels guilty—especially because Kenneth doesn’t want payment for his idea. He tells Jack to stop being a “silly Simon”; best friends can’t steal from each other! Then Jack petulantly calls Kenneth a “silly Simon,” which is the best thing that’s ever happened on 30 Rock. But in the end, everyone hugs it out, and it’s like, a 35-minute hug.