Coverage misrepresents SCRS event

By Letter to the Editor

As staff members of Student Counseling & Resource Service (SCRS), we feel it is important to note that the gathering referred to in the February 5 article, “Relationship Status: Update Needed,” was neither a psychotherapy group nor a counseling session, but rather an informal discussion around a topic that is often of interest to students. The advertisement for this event read, “As part of the Fridays at 4 Series, Anne Brody, Josh Singh, and the Peer Educators of SCRS are hosting a lively discussion about dating, romance, and relationships. This is not a lecture or didactic seminar.”

With any actual therapy/counseling group offered at SCRS, confidentiality agreements are agreed upon by all group members. We wish to clarify this point as this piece of writing could potentially contribute to discouraging a U of C student from possibly utilizing SCRS services out of concerns about confidentiality. We do not condone public reporting on a discussion that we are sponsoring in which students are offered the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings, and we are saddened by its publication.

Josh Singh and Anne Brody

Staff Psychologists