Ida Noyes to receive further upgrades

By Katerina Patselli

A new study space for MBA students in the Graduate School of Business (GSB) is under construction in the space formerly occupied by the Ida Noyes swimming pool. The new study space, slated to open at the end of February, will enliven the vacancy created when the Ida Noyes pool closed following the construction of the Ratner Athletic Center in 2003.

The $2.5-million study space will accommodate graduate students who wish to study or socialize on campus between classes.

“We’ve outgrown this building in terms of study space,” said Kristen Backer, an MBA student.

The study space is one of several recent renovations at Ida Noyes. So far the University has renovated the building’s façade and roof. The floors of the basement and the third-floor theater were also redone, and administrators are currently planning the construction of new men’s and women’s restrooms.

The new student location will likely allow undergraduate and graduate communities to intermingle, as Ida Noyes often serves as a home to many undergraduate events and organizations. The Major Activities Board, University Ballet, the Chicago Maroon, and Fire Escape Films are among the student groups that have offices or hold meetings in Ida Noyes.

“ may encourage business students to hang around a little bit, and any mixing between the divisions would be positive,” said Scott Duncombe, president of Student Government.