Bar Louie opening postponed again

By Joel Lanceta

The scheduled opening for Bar Louie has been postponed an additional month due to logistical problems. Bar Louie, a franchise with seven locations already in the Chicago metropolitan area, is now scheduled to open on April 20.

“Sometimes it takes time to get equipment and things you need. We’re working on several openings in different markets,” said Liza Lathouris, the director of marketing and public relations for the Restaurant Development Group (RDG), the company that owns Bar Louie.

The Hyde Park Bar Louie, which will be located on the ground floor of the Flamingo, an apartment building at 5500 South Shore Drive, was originally scheduled to open in late January. Following six months of permit and zoning delays, RDG pushed back the projected opening date to February 15, and then, after the company failed to apply on time for certain building permits, RDG shifted the date to March 1.

“We can’t wait. We’re really excited about being in that area and meeting all our new friends and neighbors,” Lathouris said. “We’re just as anxious as our neighbors. We’re hoping to meet everyone in Hyde Park. It will be a great attraction and an economical uplift for the area.”

Janice Greenberg, president of the Flamingo, concurred with Lathouris that Bar Louie would have a positive effect on the neighborhood.

“It will be a boon to Hyde Park,” Greenberg said. “The residents here are looking forward to it. Bar Louie will be a bright, fun place to be in.”

According to Lathouris, the Flamingo is a great location for the next Bar Louie because of its high visibility in Hyde Park as well as its position as a center of traffic and travel.

RDG promotes Bar Louie, a dine-in tavern and grill, as a neighborhood restaurant with an urban feel. Aside from grill specialties, such as rib eye steaks and hamburgers, Bar Louie also offers homestyle entrees, such as sandwiches, pastas, appetizers, and beers and wines by the glass or bottle.

Residents of Shoreland Hall are excited about the idea of having a bar and grill so close to their dormitory. “I think it will attract many students,” said Patrick LaRiviere, a resident head at Shoreland. “Bar Louie is much nicer than [some other restaurants in Hyde Park]. There’s no restaurant like it around here.”

–Joel Lanceta