Scav Hunt, Shoreland’s Last Stand: Where’s Jim?

Also, where’s the list?

By Asher Klein

12:35 – When I walked into Shoreland HQ, twenty or so kids were sitting around with nothing to do. I had been told the list was on its way, but where was the action?

“Our team captain is absent!” fourth year Chris Furuya told me, knowing I’ve been embedded as a Maroon reporter with the Shoreland team. She briefed me on the situation – the captains, who had the list, were being held captive by the judges; words were redacted on the list; judges used to bury captains in sand at the point, leaving copies of the list in their mouths and telling them to get out before the tide rolled in.

News (“read speculation”) arrived with each person walking through the door. The judges were holding the captains on campus, the judges had a phone jammer or were at least answering the captains’ phones and telling the caller they had a wrong number.

12:40 – “Hold on!” one Shorelander yelled, his phone to his ear. “Nafulis (sp?) is on his way…and [kidnapped team captain] David [Masad] is on his way to the Shoreland?”

The room waited for more information, scavvies (we’re working on the terminology) murmuring to one another. People tried to find team captain Jim Stand, or at least his number.

12:45 – As more people walked in through the door, tensions mounted. Team captain Jim, who had been conspicuously absent, began taking clues on the phone, repeating information back to David, who has the list, on the other end of the line. The room was silent.

“He has the redacted words written on his pants,” Chris told me, before the three dozen kids around Jim told her to be quiet. Emissaries were sent to each of Shoreland’s ten houses to alert the building that the list had been found.

12:54 -Jim: “They’re back they’re back!” David ran in, dropped a tire on the ground, his pants covered in sharpie. A girl at a laptop read numbers to him, as he glanced at an area around his crotch. “110? Jefferson Davies monument,” he said. “113 – Charles Bukowski. 118 – eat the oranges.”

“Ooh you get to go to Florida,” someone else said, to my left.

“Not everything has to do with the road-trip,” someone else said, and the room laughed, then harder when David said, “bee of beards!”

Shoreland HQ seems packed to the brim, which I didn’t see when I helped out last year. The entire room, more than 50 kids, cheered with gusto when someone finally brought in a hard copy of the list (not on someone’s clothes), and another, a captain, got on a chair to read it. With the list in hand and captains in place, Scav was back on track.