Scav Hunt: Appalachia, ho!

Scav’s road trip is about to begin

By Michael Lipkin

As I type, the Scav road trip teams are revving their engines and tearing out of Hutch Courtyard. Where to this year? Why the upland south of course!

This year demands four willing participants in a mix of Greek myth/Souther stereotype regalia: there’s a Colonel Sanders/Zeus hybrid, his wife Scarlett O’Hera, a Tennessee-walking Pegasus, and of course, Daisy Medukesa. Their car, which will take them throughout Kentucky and Tennessee and back, is the Carthenon.

The first team to arrive in the courtyard was Breckinridge, who told me that they had a lot of grave-visiting on their trip ahead. Their costumes got the job done, but Snell’s arrival soon after seemed like it might have been the best (alas, your intrepid reporter was forced to retreat to his 9:00 a.m. astrophysics lecture). The Breck team said they were most looking forward to clue #265:

“Pie Quest 2K9! Even when road tripping, your deities and demigods require a daily dose of ambrosia. Provide them with a pastry cornucopia of shoo-fly, Dutch apple, chess, Key lime, and pecan pies over the course of their journey. [3 points per pie]”

A chess pie, which Breck hadn’t heard of, is a custard pie, but made with corn meal instead of flour. Now you know.