Markets in everything: Class spots, Chicago style

Spots in Steven Levitt’s Economics of Crime class are so lucrative that a student has put their

By Alec Brandon

Spots in Steven Levitt’s Economics of Crime class are so lucrative that a student has put their spot up for sale on the University of Chicago’s version of Craigslist:

For those of you who went to Steven Levitt’s class earlier this afternoon, the class is closed, and there are many who are waiting to get in. And rightfully so. Hands down, one of the most interesting and popular classes offered at our school. Steven Levitt, the author of the NYTimes Best Seller Freakanomics, teaches this class, which is nearly impossible to get into unless you are a senior.And to top it off, Professor Levitt announced that THIS CLASS WILL NOT BE OFFERED NEXT YEAR!An interesting idea was proposed in class. Selling registration on marketplace.Supply is low. Demand is high. Especially because it is the last chance you have to take a class with Steven Levitt himself (at least for this year and next year).For those of you who did not get in, or were planning on taking it next year, think again.The class meets MW 1:30-2:50 PM. Occasional discussions Mondays 7-7:50PM. Optional field trips, including the shooting range (shoot a gun), maybe prison, and discussion with a “high class call girl.” No prerequisites required.So, question: how much is your education worth to you? !?Email me with your best offer.This registration offer expires at the end of second week, or when I hear an offer that calls an amount that is equal to or more than how much I value my spot in the class.I will update with the highest offers.

This combines my two favorite things about the University of Chicago: First, that a student might actually pay money to take get into this class, and second, that students take price theory seriously enough here that they would actually try to auction off a spot in a class.Update: Levitt is now offering a non-market alternative. The first two people to comment on this post, who were in class on Monday, get in. As of 11 am, both spots appear to still be open.Update: It’s now 1:30pm and only one person seems to have capitalized on Levitt’s offer, none other than the Maroon’s EIC. Maybe a spot in Levitt’s class isn’t in such high demand.