O Henry! Weber kills Co-Op, joy

In the past week Hank Weber has:a.) Changed his name to Henryb.) Quit his job and m

By Tim Murphy

In the past week Hank Weber has:a.) Changed his name to Henryb.) Quit his job and moved to St. Louisc.) Ruined the dreams of thousands of kidsd.) all of the aboveRead on for the answer!Weber, former vice president of community affairs at the U of C and the man partly responsible for the ultimate eviction of the Hyde Park Co-Op, just started up his new gig as Vice Chancellor of Governmental Affairs at Wash U and is already making headlines. According to the Wash U Student Life, Weber nixed a plan by students and Barack Obama’s campaign to bring the Senator to campus on February 2:

Three students in the organization then met with Vice Chancellor for Governmental Affairs Henry Weber to request permission to have Obama speak on campus in the Athletic Complex.

Barack Obama is set to speak at the Edward Jones Dome on Saturday, February 2, at 9 p.m. Admission is free and attendants are encouraged to RSVP online here.

“The Vice Chancellor told us that because the University could not offer the same opportunity to every candidate and because of tax concerns, the University could not host Obama,” said senior Ben Kastan, one of the students involved in making the request.

So how come candidates are allowed to speak at public and private universities all the time? The answer is that if one candidate comes, every other candidate must be allowed to speak there as well. Almost always, the venues don’t turn into revolving doors, though, since campaign schedules are complicated, and it’s not really worth it for, say, Duncan Hunter to give a speech to liberal college kids who have never heard of him.So if you answered D, congratulations!