Letters to the Editor

By Jonah Rubin

It is very exciting that the University of Chicago, a historically conservative institution, ranked seventh in a recent Mother Jones list of top activist universities. I am very grateful that Tara Kadioglu chose to write on this often underreported but vital aspect of our University (“University Ranked 7th in Student Activism,” 10/31/03). The Maroon article even gave more space to various campaigns on our campus than the Mother Jones article did, but it should be noted that several important groups—such as the Student of Color Coalition, which has been working on issues such as low retention rates for students of color and under-representation among tenured faculty—were absent from both articles.

I was somewhat less excited to see the Spartacus Youth League—a group that not only has little student following, but has in the past attempted to disrupt student organizing efforts on campus—representing the University of Chicago’s activism in a large photograph accompanying the front page article. This careless use of a photo creates an inaccurate image of activism and activists on campus.

Recognition of the increasing levels of activism at this historically conservative campus is long overdue. I appreciate the Maroon’s recognition of the great strides that have been made, and I am grateful for having the opportunity to contribute to this article. I hope that the Maroon will continue to report on all student activist groups who play a vital role on our campus as they continue to grow and will accompany those reports with photos that are representative of those campaigns.

Jonah Rubin

Second-year in the College

Students Organizing United

with Labor (S.O.U.L.)