Wednesday $1 milkshake outlives C-Shop

By Usman Ahmed

Einstein Bros Bagels opened this Monday on the first floor of the Reynolds Club to the excitement of the University community, and students and faculty members who worried that a tradition would be overturned with the closing of the C-Shop were relieved to learn that its replacement has continued dollar shakes on Wednesdays.

The addition of Einstein Bros Bagels was one of several recent changes instituted by the University Dining Services. Other such changes include the opening of a Subway and the replacement of Taco Bell. Much like Hutchinson Commons, purchases may be made with cash, credit, debit, and FLEX dollars.

Sherry Gutman, deputy dean of students for housing and dining services, cited last year’s MarketMATCH Research Project in the University’s decision to lease Einstein Bros Bagels. According to Gutman, the University had considered thirty-two different food concepts for the C-Shop before deciding on Einstein Bros Bagels.

Jody Smith, director of marketing for Aramark, said that in focus groups and surveys, bagels and sandwiches were items students repeatedly asked for. Additionally, when asked what national brands students would most like to see on campus, Einstein Bros Bagels was mentioned several times.

Officials were primarily concerned with the menu at the C-Shop, which served breakfast and snack items, smoothies, coffee, and espresso. Smith felt that the menu was not oriented to afternoon and evening dining needs, resulting in a decline of activity as the day progressed. ” In the past, the C-Shop was a very popular morning location due to its pastry menu. With Einstein Bros, we break into the afternoon and evening with bagels, soups, hot sandwiches, and bagel dogs,” she said.

Initial student response to Einstein Bros was almost overwhelmingly positive. Students such as Isaac Marx, a second-year in the College, were impressed with the new dining opportunity. Marx said that he hardly spent time in the C-Shop and that this was a move in the right direction. “It’s better than a coffee shop, because I don’t like coffee,” he said.

Victoria Kim, a third-year in the College, was pleased with Einstein Bros’ expanding selection and said she felt nothing had been taken away from the space. “I think it’s a good idea that they brought in an Einstein Bros. I personally like their sandwiches and stuff.”

Cora Ang, a third-year in the College, agreed. Ang, returning from study abroad, called the decision innovative. “There are new tastes and flavors—it’s a much better variety.”

Ang also felt the store was much more convenient, saying that the only bagel store she knew of was on 53rd Street.

Few complaints have been leveled at the University’s decision to include Einstein Bros Bagels in its dining services. Some students were mildly dismayed with the addition, fearing that brand-name restaurants might hamper the character of the Reynolds Club and the University.

Gutman disagreed, saying that a major complaint she had heard was that the University didn’t have any brand-name dining options. She said that students had given the decision “a hearty endorsement.”

Gutman conceded, however, that some students weren’t happy with Einstein Bros Bagels. “East Coast students who don’t think they are real bagels,”

Einstein Bros Bagels will have a grand-opening celebration Thursday, January 22, featuring prizes, giveaways, and deals during the annual Kuviasungnerk winter festival.

Einstein Bros Bagels, headquartered in Golden, Colorado, is owned by New World Restaurant Group. It has over four hundred locations throughout the country.