Margaret Cho picked for winter show

By Mara Stankiewicz

Margaret Cho, the Asian-American comedian best known for her routines about American ethnic diversity, will perform in Mandel Hall on January 10, the Major Activities Board (MAB) announced Monday. The show will feature material from her Revolution tour and will be followed immediately by a question-and-answer session.

Cho started performing comedy at the age of 16. She eventually starred in her own television show, All American Girl, which featured the first Asian-American family on television. Her off-Broadway one-woman show I’m The One That I Want led her to a successful tour, a best-selling book, and the highest-ever grossing per print feature film.

Cho’s last tour, entitled Notorious C.H.O., was launched in 2001 and spanned 37 cities. The final performance, in Carnegie Hall, was taped and released on both a CD and in a feature film in 2002.

“It’s nice to know that we’re going to have a comedian here who can rock Mandel to its full capacity as much as any musical artist,” said Dan Siakel, technical director of MAB.

Her comedy, both outspoken and honest, centers on her experiences as a female and an Asian-American. Besides being noted for her candid discussions of sex and bodily functions, Cho is widely known for her impressions of her immigrant mother’s assimilation to American culture. She deals with such issues as gays in the military, eating disorders, relationships, and cultural stereotypes.

Cho has been acclaimed for her ability to cross racial and cultural boundaries with her entertaining and often irreverent brand of humor.

Cho has been honored by the National Organization for Women, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, and the Asian- American Legal Defense and Education Fund for advancing equal rights for all people.

The press release for her Revolution tour reads: “Margaret Cho is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon, with a diverse and fervently loyal audience that includes gays and lesbians, Asian Americans, women, people of color, college students, comedy fans, and basically anyone who has ever felt invisible.”

Evelyn Pollins, a fourth-year in the College, was enthusiastic about the show. “I’m excited that we’re bringing what might be considered a marginal comedian to campus. It is important to bring another perspective to a predominantly white male profession,” she said.

Dan Levy, a second-year in the College, had a more mixed reaction to the announcement. “Margaret Cho is good, but what about Bubb Rubb?”

Ticket sales start Monday, December 1 and last until Wednesday, December 3. They will continue after winter break from January 5-9. Tickets are $15 with UCID ($25 for faculty).