Student Government 101

Your fearless leaders

By The Maroon Staff

SG is comprised of four distinct yet interconnected arms: the Assembly, Executive Cabinet, the Executive Committee, and an assortment of other committees.

The Assembly, SG’s legislative arm, is comprised of a College Council and Graduate Council. The Assembly allocates funding to RSOs, including University theater, radio programming, and events across campus.

The Executive Cabinet advises the University administration on issues of student concern. It is comprised of the chair of each council, the graduate and undergraduate liaisons to the Board of Trustees, and the Executive Slate—the President, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Vice President for Administration.

The Executive Committee sets the agenda for Assembly meetings. It’s chaired by the Executive Slate and chairs of each committee.

Other committees advise University administration on policy and

practices, oversee campus services like transportation and dining, and fund student organizations and events. Most committees are open to the entire student body, but some are restricted to SG members.