30 Rock Episode 5.7 Recap

Liz finds some great jeans and starts campaigning against The Man.

By Mae Rice

Liz found jeans that make her butt look greatm, and everyone at 30 Rock is freaking out! The jeans are from a place called Brooklyn Without Limits, where everything is locally made and green, and you can buy t-shirts with Che Guevara’s face on them. Liz tells everyone who will listen that she believes in Brooklyn Without Limits and thinks big business is wrong. It is incredibly alliterative.

Jack, on the other hand, thinks big business is right. He is doing everything he can to protect the big business merger he is engineering from the political machinations of his nemesis in the Senate, Regina Bookman (Queen Latifah). He thinks his best option is to back her opponent in the senate race, Steve Austin, a dude who is an exciting combination of Sarah Palin, an infant, and a stoner. His major political platform is that he will bring back slavery. He will also build casinos on the moon. (Of course.)

Meanwhile, Tracy might be up for a Golden Globe for his critically acclaimed role in Hard To Watch. He plays a once successful football player who now, tragically, only uses his football… for a toilet. Jenna’s “help” is a little dubious though, because she is actually trying to sabotage Tracy’s career by making him do things that are both weird—turning Kenneth into a human sushi platter!—and unethical—bribing the Golden Globe committee!

Eventually, though, everyone—including Liz—undergoes some kind of change of heart. Liz realizes Brooklyn Without Limits is not as ethical as they seem; Jack realizes he does not want to undermine the American government; Jenna even tells Tracy she was trying to sabotage him and apologizes.

And Tracy says, “Sabotage? But I’m the one who does that to me!”