Top 5 Worst Fashion Faux-Pas

You know them when you see them.

By Madalyn Frigo

1. Plaid

As part of the ‘90s resurgence, all things plaid have become popular. Even the classic grunge look of a plaid shirt tied around the waist is now fashionable. Its worst incarnation is probably the layering of plaid over plaid, creating an unintentional lumberjack look. Men are particularly susceptible to this mishap by pairing their plaid with Timberland boots (it’s okay, though, if they plan on chopping down a tree later). While plaid can be stylish when paired with the right accessories, make sure an axe wouldn’t be the accessory to complete your look. For women, plaid looks best on a skirt, dress, or jacket. And always make sure to complete the grunge look intended with the right accessories and not stray into Fargo territory with Ugg boots.

2. Furry boots

To keep one’s feet warm during Chicago winters, boots are a must, especially ones with fur on the inside to keep your toes extra toasty. Lately, though, there has been an excess of furry bunny boots trekking through the streets. These boots, however, go beyond Uggs and are covered with fuzzy fur on the outside. Furry boots make feet look like bunnies or like they are sprouting fur. To avoid looking like Big Foot, stick to boots with fur on the inside only.

3. Shutter sunglasses

Ever since Kanye West sported a glow-in-the-dark pair at the 2008 Grammys, shutter sunglasses have slowly been creeping their way into the fashion scene. The glasses serve no practical purpose and are clearly just an accessory. In fact, they can hardly be called sunglasses as they can’t block out sun. They barely even function as glasses—it’s difficult to see outside of the striped lenses. Basically, do not wear these while driving or even walking. Making anyone who wears them look like an alien or a Kanye West wannabe, these shades should be left for the music videos.

4. Thigh-high stockings

This is the look of extra high knee socks, layered over a pair of pants. It always causes me to do a double take: Are those really socks outside a pair of pants? Not only is this look ugly, it is unflattering. The socks cut off right at the fleshy part of the thigh, highlighting the top half of the thigh as the main part of the leg—not a slimming look. Keep your socks in your pants.

5. Ripped tights

First there were the ripped jeans, then there were the ripped leggings, and now, we are down to barely any material at all with ripped tights. Many movie stars have been pairing their ripped tights with shorts, making it look as if they were just clawed at by the paparazzi and escaped with minimal clothing left. The main concern is what will fashion rip up next, because after tights, what else is there to rip? To avoid looking homeless or as if you were just attacked by a bear, keep the rips in your jeans only.