Community Episode 2.10 Recap

Troy turns 21 this week.

By Mae Rice

Troy turns 21 this week. However, in classic Troy style—e.g., in dumb style—he initially thinks he is turning 20. Apparently, his mom told him when he was young that everyone is five years old for two years. But Britta and Jeff set him straight, and everyone goes out to a bar to celebrate. Annie has to have a fake ID because she is secretly twelve, and she’s all anxious about it, but then she gets really into her fake identity and semi-permanently adopts a Texas accent. She also keeps describing herself as a “drifter,” which I’m pretty sure people actually never do.

Other events from the bar: Abed gets hit on by a man, but refuses to extricate himself from the situation because he likes talking about sci fi, which the man is letting him do. In the hopes of getting laid. (This is how all UChicago romances start.) Jeff and Britta argue about what is cool and what is not cool, which generates tons of sexual tension. Shirley is trying to hide the fact that she used to drink heavily and look like a mess from all her study group friends, even though there are drunk pictures of her all over the bar. And Pierce is trying to get into the bar, but his wheelchair isn’t really working so he just runs into the doorway a lot.

And then Troy drives everybody home in Jeff’s car (which is what makes you a man, it turns out—driving Jeff’s car). When Troy drops Annie off, they have a weird moment where you think they’re going to make out, but then they just hug like nerds. Jeff and Britta, on the other hand, make out in the car while Abed watches and is (justifiably) a little creeped out.