Community Episode 2.11 Recap

A Very Community Christmas

By Mae Rice

Community this week was, in a word, inexplicable. What happened? And why? That is for someone else to know and for you to never find out.

Here are some things that I am definitely sure happened. All the characters were stop-motion animated. They look like little clay figurines, but at one point Abed explicitly says they are not—they are silicon doll something somethings. They are voiced by the regular actors, and they are only stop-motion in Abed’s mind. Because of Christmas. And Abed’s mom.

The Dean tries to give Abed therapy, because Abed thinks everyone is stop-motion and this is a psychiatric problem. However, the way the Dean gives Abed therapy is by pretending to be a Christmas Wizard and taking the entire study group on a stop-motion adventure through Abed’s mind. Where characters sporadically die. Jeff dies first in a swarm of sarcasm bees. Britta dies in an ice cave. Oh, another fun part of this adventure is that Jeff isn’t actually Jeff—he’s a Jeff-in-the-box. So he’s on a little spring, in a box. And then Britta is a robot. Everyone is some sort of toy.

In the end, Abed learns the meaning of Christmas, and there is a lot of singing (such bad singing! Chevy Chase should never sing!) and an apocalyptic appearance is made by a Christmas Pterodactyl. Overall, I would give this episode a 4/10 for coherence. However, I would give it an 8/10 for creativity and a 10/10 for making me feel uneasy several hours after it ended.