Springing into Action

In recent years, weather has played a cruel joke on spring quarter, robbing it of the warmth it implies. This year, however, we have lucked out and those who thought springtime would never come seem to be taking full advantage of it.

Warm weather was by all accounts the key motivation behind the waves of students who flocked to the quads yesterday, the first official day of Scav Hunt, to take part in the annual tradition. Participation in this year’s Hunt appears to surpass that of past years, with an unprecedented number of students involved in various zany schemes. Today’s announcement of the lineup for this year’s annual Summer Breeze concert and the approach of this year’s Festival Of The Arts are further signs of spring’s true arrival.

All of this, in addition to record voting numbers for this week’s Student Government (SG) elections, is evidence of a vibrant campus and an excited student body. Although classes still have a grip on us for another five weeks, it is important to emerge from the depths of winter quarter in a positive state of mind, and this year students seem to have accomplished that feat.

With summer in sight, it is crucial to stay focused—while having fun—and to start thinking about next year. On that note, the Maroon would like to congratulate the members of Raising the BAR for running a successful campaign for SG executive slate. We urge them to jump quickly into working on actualizing their campaign promises—better funding for effective RSOs, public records of SGFC allocations, and stronger relations between undergraduate and graduate students. Ours is a very demanding student body, and tangible results will be expected.