New website reveals campus gems

By Usman Ahmed

Sure, everyone knows about the Wednesday one-dollar-shake days, but what about the Friday one dollar lattes at the Divinity School coffee shop? Or, if God and coffee are not your thing, did you know that you can peruse the latest Playboy in the vaulted splendor of Harper Library, instead of hiding out in the Shoreland while your roommate’s attending class? These are just a few interesting facts about University life that escape the eye of many students as they rush about the quads, often forgetting that there are more deals on campus than just the annual book sales.

The enlightened few may no longer be the only ones saving an extra buck on coffee., a website conceived by Jeremy Guttman and the Student Government Campus Services Committee, and designed by Jacob van Santen, aims to compile as many useful tidbits as possible on living and studying in Chicago.

Guttman, a fourth-year in the College and chairman of the Committee on Campus Services, said that he was inspired to begin the project this fall at O-week, when he realized how much information there was on campus that students simply were not aware of.

“There are lots of useful things on campus that many students just don’t pick up on,” he said. “Maybe it’s information overload or maybe they just didn’t get the memo.”

Besides listing “good deals,” Factoids, which has been on-line since February, has helpful information in other categories such as arts and culture, food, history, technology and webmail. Attentive students are welcome to submit and publish their own factoids on the webpage.

“It might not change anyone’s life,” Guttman said of the new webpage, “but it’ll make it easier.”