Cooperation is essential

By Maroon Editorial Staff

Students and community members met last night to organize a response to the alleged incident of police brutality against an SSA student last week. After organizers read an account of the incident, they prompted audience members to brainstorm appropriate responses. During the discussion, members of the University administration and the press were asked to leave the meeting.

The Maroon believes requesting the press and administration officials to leave was ill-advised. Although any new or established group deserves its privacy—which was respected when all asked to leave did so without protest—if this new group wants to effect swift and meaningful change, they will need the support of the University administration. Expelling administrators from an open meeting that called for all interested to attend is not a good first step.

It is only through cooperation and consensus with the University administration that community problems can be solved. Treating the University as an enemy or an obstacle to be overcome is not an effective method of bringing about change. The University has already taken steps towards addressing this issue by initiating reviews by both an administrative committee and the University Police Department. Though we are horrified that anyone would be subjected to such brutality by police on campus, we believe that shutting out administrators will do little to change the situation.