Shortcuts – David Morreale’s From the Dirt

By Peter Robinett

From the Dirt

David Morreale

Mud Luscious Records

David Morreale is a talented independent musician who explores a variety of acoustic musical styles in his new album, From the Dirt, a tight collection of songs about love and loss and life on the road.

Morreale’s tender singing is put to good use as he crafts deeply personal songs that manage to contain happiness and regret, sadness and joy. A solid guitar player, Morreale creates an energetic sound supported by solid backup. Throughout the album, he manages to capture the lure of the open road and the loneliness that can come far from home.

Morreale is a great storyteller, and third track “Falling” is a wonderful song about figuring out one’s place in life, with an up-tempo beat and a refrain that’s easy to sing along to. Title track “From The Dirt” tells the story of several people struggling to get by but who still manage to keep their dignity intact. I particularly enjoyed track number eight, “The Road Years,” with its tales of setting out on the road at 13. This album is perfect for a nice long stretch of open road—or, for that matter, for any quiet moment when wanderlust strikes.

—Peter Robinett