Carter named as LGBTQ intern

By David Kaye

Allison “Allie” Carter, a second-year Masters student at the Divinity School, has recently accepted the 2005-2006 LGBTQ internship position, offered through the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Student Life in the University.

“This four quarter part-time internship was created last year to coordinate and enhance our LGBTQ student programming and support efforts,” said Bill Michel, assistant vice president for student life.

Carter will work with a number of administration officials this summer to execute recommendations made in the recent LGBTQ Student Resource Report submitted to University Provost Richard Saller and Vice President Steve Klass.

Her specific projects include integrating the two University LGBTQ online resources, developing a publicity campaign for LGBTQ resources targeting incoming students, adapting the LGBTQ training program for all student services staff, and coordinating Open Source, the confidential student advising service.

Carter, who earned her undergraduate degree at Yale University, has been active in LGBTQ issues for several years. While in the Peace Corps, she led an unprecedented LGBTQ diversity-training program for senior staff in western Africa. She has also been a political organizer in Oregon.

“I’m really interested in hearing from current students about their experiences with LBGT resources at U of C and elsewhere,” said Carter, who welcomes suggestions from students on how the University could be “more friendly to and supportive of gay students.” She can be reached at or in the Administration building after June 20.

Carter comes to the position succeeding Shannon Herbert, a graduate student in English Language and Literature, the first LBGTQ Programming intern during this academic year. “Shannon helped launch several new support programs and initiatives that we look forward to continuing next year,” Michel said. These include information sessions on such topics as internet dating and coming out, as well as a series of Pub Nights, which bring LGBTQ graduate students together.