Get a Life – 10-15-04

By Erica Cerulo

“I don’t think I really like him anymore,” my friend sighed. She had been enamored with this guy for quite some time, therefore I was rather anxious to hear what led to the change of heart. “Erica, today he wore a jean jacket…with jeans.” Gasp. What could I say? I mean, could I honestly tell her that this fashion faux pas was not grounds for reconsideration? She had dated a boy that wore tapered cargo jeans, but she had learned from her mistakes.

These are things that girls seriously consider. Intelligent, grounded girls, at least. Guys have the amazing ability to hook-up with girls that they refer to as a ‘butter face’ (but-her-face), whereas girls sometimes just can’t get past the denim choice. But here’s the thing: This is something that boys can help. You never know what girl has dismissed you because of your ugly, orange Italian leather shoes, penchant for tie-dye, or your horrid haircut.

I don’t get paid enough to offer up full-fledged personal makeover services, but I can tell you where to head to fix up your barbershop butchering: The Aveda Institute. With the aromatherapy scalp massage, you get all of the pampering of a regular salon without the price: Haircuts for both men and women are a shocking $13. For the girls, hair coloring starts at $20—I say ‘for the girls’ because Backstreet Boy highlights are yet another deal-breaker.

The reason for the amazing bargain is that the Institute is a Cosmetology school, but you’d never notice the difference if I didn’t tell you. All of the services rendered—such as waxing, Aqua Polish body exfoliation, and makeup application—are overseen by an Aveda professional, and I was happier with my cut than I’ve been with $60 ones. The word is spreading about the place, though. Appointments at the convenient Clark and Fullerton location are getting harder and harder to come by, and so be sure to give them a call a few weeks before you’re due for some upkeep.

Any guy huffing and puffing about ditching the Hyde Park barbershop for the trip up to Lincoln Park has clearly never experienced the ecstasy of the salon shampoo. I mean, maybe that girl you eye at the C-Shop will love you despite your grown-out buzz cut or your Goodwill golf sweater, but is it really worth the risk?

Address: 2828 N. Clark St.

Phone: (773) 289-1560



Via CTA: CTA bus #55 Garfield Westbound to Garfield. Transfer to Red line toward Howard to Clark/Division. Transfer to CTA bus #22 Clark Northbound to Diversey & Clark/Broadway. Walk north on Clark to 2828.

Via car: Lake Shore Drive North. Exit at Fullerton. Turn right onto Clark St. At ‘Y’ intersection, slight left to stay on Clark. Aveda Institute in Century Mall on left.