General unwinds at the Pub

By Daniel Gilbert

General Peter Pace, recently appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, paid a visit to the University to give a lecture at the Graduate School of Business, where his son is a student. Following the lecture, Pace, the principal military adviser to President Bush, stopped by the Pub to enjoy a few beers and mingle with students.

Security was tight, with earpiece-toting bodyguards patrolling the Pub, and others stationed outside in two SUVs. A bodyguard outside the Pub’s door spoke of the serious nature of his duties. “Al Qaeda has a price on his head,” he said of the general. Inside the Pub, Pace stood smiling, drinking and chatting with students. With a pint in hand, Pace took time out to speak with the Maroon.

Chicago Maroon: How do you like the University of Chicago?

Peter Pace: I love it.

CM: What do you think of the Pub?

PP: I feel like this is where the education takes place here.

CM: What’s your favorite beer?

PP: I can’t tell you that. (Pause) I don’t know.

CM: You spoke this afternoon about things that are important to you. Could you mention some of these things?

PP: Sure. Checking your moral compass, maintaining integrity, and taking care of the people who look to you for leadership.

CM: What career or life advice would you give to students?

PP: (Long pause) Think about going to work for a corporation that has the moral ethics of what you want to be a part of, one you personally feel comfortable working for.

The first marine to become chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pace apparently inspires devotion from his staff. “He really does care about his people,” Colonel Katie Haddock said, as she stood by smiling at the fringes of the crowd.