November 11, 2004

A-Level success

Late at night, the A-Level can really start to stink. With so many students working so frantically to finish problem sets, cram for exams the next morning, and figure out how to write a research paper without actual research, the All Night Study Space (ANSS) often becomes a madhouse. Stress displaces normal library etiquette, and, for people who've really spent too much time in the Reg, even hygiene can get lost in the grind.

Often nights—especially during midterms and finals—the A-Level is so crowded and loud that the task of staying focused is comparably hard to actually accomplishing work.

But the A-Level's overcrowding is a testament to its functionality. It's to Student Government's (SG) credit that it has created a facility that has become such an integral part of the Chicago experience for so many undergraduates. And, in this sense, it's also to the credit of SG for developing a plan to grow the ANSS. We hope the growth program is realized and given sufficient attention and resources.

More broadly, the plan to secure extra area for students who wish to continue their studies into the wee hours of the morning marks SG at it's best. The proposal, which improves on an already good idea, identifies a facet of student life that can be improved. It then proposes a realistic, improvement. By identifying problems and developing meaningful improvements, SG develops confidence in the student body that it's in touch with campus needs.