May 20, 2008

Letter: Attack of library overlooks research needs

Your editorial on the planned library addition ("A Dome Idea," 5/16/08) conflates serious, graduate-level academic research at the University—to which the new facilities represent a substantial commitment—with the College's supposedly "quirky, book-obsessed culture." The former is at the heart of the University's purpose; the latter is an empty phrase indicative of the undergraduate student body's penchant for intellectual self-flattery, and little else.

In preparing this piece, you would have done well to have consulted Professor Andrew Abbott's 2006 report on the future of the University libraries. This document makes the argument for on-site expansion and addresses issues such as digitization with far more substance and forethought than you deigned to bring to your editorial.

Ben Nelson

A.B. '07

Regenstein Library staff