Better Slate than Nothing

By Maroon Editorial Staff

In a Student Government (SG) election that has attracted less attention than past years, the student body is confronted with a difficult and disappointing choice. In a contest in which only two slates adopt serious platforms, the Maroon is compelled to choose the slate that seems more seriously committed to student issues and better prepared for executive obligations. The Maroon endorses Better Slate Than Never for 2005-2006.

As much as we are alarmed by the weaknesses of Better Slate Than Never, we still feel that it is the only viable and pragmatic choice. The incumbent presidential candidate should be commended for recognizing the success of the briefly expanded all-night study space, and for vowing to push forward with the endeavor. Robert Hubbard stands with a year’s worth of executive experience under his belt, and Better Slate Than Never’s two vice-presidential candidates have more leadership experience in student organizations than the challengers. As experienced student leaders, they have the knowledge to facilitate better communications between SG and the student body through workshops and roundtable discussions on important issues.

That said, the Maroon is bitterly disappointed with this year’s lack of meaningful debate in the SG election process, the lack of more competitive slates, and the lack of true solutions proposed by the slates to address the most pressing and complicated issues of student life. While SGFC funding practices play a major role, determining the true role of the SG headlines this list. It is still unclear exactly where SG’s responsibilities begin and end, and therefore it is impossible to know exactly where to apply pressure and attempt to catalyze change. To be sure, we are dealing with a flawed system. There’s no sense in demanding an overhaul if we don’t know what the system is supposed to be doing.