Addressing hate on campus

By Maroon Editorial Staff

The hate crimes that have occurred at Northwestern since last spring have shed light on our own problems with racism on campus. While not as severe as those in Evanston, the incidents here have threatened and upset some students.

Over the last few weeks, posters advocating Zionist organizations have been defaced at both Pick and Pierce Halls. One poster was violated with a swastika, a symbol of hate and intolerance, while others have been torn down. This, in addition to some similar events last spring quarter, has distressed some students.

While these are certainly issues that must be taken seriously, we must remember that they have not yet escalated to the levels seen at Northwestern. If these actions are not addressed, however, we run the risk of implying that they are acceptable.

The administration has worked with the affected organizations to discuss what kind of response is necessary, but change must come from within the student body. Students should make it known to their peers that defacing posters with offensive symbols is unacceptable on this and all campuses.