Letter: Metcalf diversity

In response to “Demanding diversity” (January 9)

By Letter to the Editor

In Tuesday’s issue of the Maroon, an editorial highlighted the diversity of opportunities and connections that were available at the College’s recent Taking the Next Step program. We are excited to hear that students were able to gain information about a wide variety of career paths and to network with U of C alumni involved in various industries. We also want to point out some other exciting opportunities that are available via CCC and the Jeff Metcalf Fellows Program.

The Metcalf Fellows Program was founded 15 years ago to give University of Chicago students access to internships at some of the best organizations in Chicago and around the country. When it was launched, the program offered eight internships—during the 2010–2011 academic year, CAPS filled over 440 Metcalf internships. Of these, just 30 percent were in business and finance while 70 percent were in industry areas such as arts and culture, education, journalism, science and technology, government, and the nonprofit sector. The Metcalf Fellows Program strives to level the playing field so that University of Chicago students can take on paid internships in fields that are often unpaid, including the arts and journalism. The mission of the program is to provide experiential learning opportunities to students, regardless of what career paths they may be pursuing.

We’re on our way to filling over 500 Metcalf opportunities around the globe for the 2011–2012 year. Be sure to check CCC regularly, since we are posting new opportunities daily. More opportunities in nonprofits, the arts, education, and public service organizations become available in late winter and spring quarters, based upon those industries’ recruiting needs. Similar to last year, three-fourths of these opportunities will be outside of business.

 The CAPS staff