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What we’re thankful for

A short, incomplete list of things to appreciate this Thanksgiving.

It’s eighth week. There’s still some time before finals, the weather is unseasonably warm, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. For the time being, things are looking up. So, now’s as good a time as any to remind ourselves of a few things to be thankful for:

The Sem Co-op: After providing 51 years of uniquely subterranean and secluded memories, the most loved bookstore on campus will finally see sunlight in its new location.

Z & H: Pork shoulder, ostrich pâté, curried mayo, muenster, pretzel bread, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella…need we say more?

Professors who make off-color jokes in the middle of lectures: Nothing makes a student sit erect at 9:30 in the morning quite like a subtly crafted innuendo.

Rockefeller Chapel: The way the setting sun strikes it so perfectly at about 4 in the afternoon, illuminating it like a glowing crystalline jewel box. That’s a thing, right?

The Red North Shuttle: See “The North Shuttle.”

The North Shuttle: See “The Red North Shuttle.”

UCI: You’ve got to admit, it’s a huge improvement over CCI. Because it has a U now. That makes it better.

Kimbark Liquors: The definition of holiday spirits.

Fourth Meal: They may be tearing down Pierce, but at least its residents are able to eat a $6 bowl of cereal four nights a week, if there’s milk.

The swing bench in Snitchcock courtyard: Now the fourth-best place to sit in Hyde Park, period.

Arley D. Cathey: Coming soon: The Arley D. Cathey Joke About Arley D. Cathey.

North Campus Residence Hall: Wait, were we not supposed to talk about that yet?

President Zimmer: University President by day, Housing Nostradamus by night.

Friday Nights at Doc: When our neighbor Doc Films spirits us away.

The Reg’s new extended hours: We’re now a step closer to the unspoken dream of 24/7 studying in our favorite Brutalist building.

The intersection of 55th Street and Lake Park: Ah! To stand at that corner on a beautiful Sunday morning in early spring, with a Bonjour Café pastry in one’s hand and feel, for the first time, as if—WALK SIGN, LAKE PARK. WALK SIGN, LAKE PARK.

The Chicago skyline: Twinkling in the distance like some sort of beautiful, cruel joke.

The Smart Museum, the Oriental Institute, and the Renaissance Society: Because high culture shouldn’t always require a bus pass.

UChicago Arts Pass: Because when it does, at least it’s nice to get in for free when you get there.

Valois: The best cure for your Saturday morning hangover.

Grounds of Being: Still the best cup of joe on campus.

The Promontory: It’s not here yet, but we’re already thankful for the gastropub/concert venue/shiniest object on 53rd Street.

UChicago Promise: Encouraging to know that administrators still realize we are the University of Chicago, and that our obligations to the city, and its students, are a foremost priority.

Logan Center Café: Just when you thought campus cafés couldn’t get any better, one comes along that serves craft beer.

Institute of Politics: Another small step toward that Barack Obama Presidential Library. Yeah, we’re calling it right now.

Nate Silver, A.B. ’00: For redeeming stat nerds, and the life of the mind, in all 50 correctly predicted states.

Wednesday 10-percent student discount at Kimbark: For those times when the weekend is too far away, but that midterm is dangerously and depressingly close.

Harper Reading Room: For when you just need to completely pass out between classes.

NYT Readership Program: For keeping us informed, despite making the Maroon the second-best newspaper on campus.

No swim test: It makes taking a quick dip at the Point a lot more exciting.

Creative Writing classes: When you finally get into that beginning fiction class, an oasis in a desert of problem sets and labs, hold on to it. It’s a gift.

ORCSA’s discounted AMC movie tickets: One of the best-kept secrets on campus, for those of you who have (inexplicably) still not seen Skyfall or Lincoln.

Food trucks: For when you need to pretend you actually go to school on the North Side.

The Kalven Report: Just kidding.

Everyone and everything we forgot: We’re sorry. Happy Thanksgiving.

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