In the Chatter’s Box

Claire Devaney is a third-year on the basketball team from Washington, DC. We chatted with her to get some insider info on the life of a Maroon athlete.

By Sarah Langs

Chicago Maroon: When did you start playing basketball?

Claire Devaney: I started playing when I was really young. Probably in first or second grade.

CM: And when did you get serious about it?

CD: I started getting serious around middle school, so sixth and seventh grade. I started playing for a travel team.

CM: Did you always know you wanted to try to play in college?

CD: Yeah. Once I entered high school I knew that it was a goal I wanted to try to reach.

CM: What’s your favorite thing about being on the team—here, or in high school, or both?

CD: Probably my relationship with my teammates. Especially here, we’re just a really close-knit team and it’s fun to play with one another.

CM: Do you follow the WNBA or the NBA? Any professional basketball?

CD: I love watching college basketball. My older brother went to Wisconsin, so I follow them pretty closely. Just their men’s team, though. I should follow women’s. I also am a Washington Wizards fan because I’m from D.C. So I love John Wall.

CM: You’re still only a third-year at this point, but have you thought about whether you’ll keep playing basketball after college in some capacity?

CD: Yeah, I’m sure I will. I think I’ll miss it too much not to play in some capacity. I’ll probably try to find some league and some other players.

CM: Do you have any advice to people who like playing basketball but clearly aren’t varsity level?

CD: Just keep getting out there and playing. It’s a fun sport, a good way to get exercise.