A Note to Readers

Regarding our pilot editor payment program.

The Maroon will begin to pay full editors and section heads this quarter. We take this step knowing that the time commitment necessary to be an editor or staff member of The Maroon may preclude students who need to work at a job from rising in the organization or joining altogether. The Maroon will pay full editors and section heads a small quarterly stipend with the goal of mitigating this inequity and engendering greater diversity. We also hope to improve retention among our talented current editors and reward them in a small way for their hard work and time. The executive leadership of the paper (editors-in-chief, managing editor, and chief financial officer) will not be paid. The Maroon is entirely self-funded through advertising and donations, meaning that none of these funds are coming from the Student Life Fee or any other University source. 

We are launching this initiative as a quarter-long pilot program. We plan to continually monitor its efficacy and will adjust it if necessary. Please feel free to email editor@chicagomaroon.com with questions or comments.