Gems of the South Side

By Maroon Editorial Staff

In three weeks, finals will be done, grades will be sent to the Registrar, and the 2003-2004 academic year will officially be over. But before students begin their annual exodus out of Hyde Park, the Maroon suggests that students find time to explore Chicago before they go. No, not only Downtown and the North Side but also the area surrounding you—the South Side of Chicago. Take a bus, the El, or find a friend with a car, and discover what lies around your University.

Chicago is a huge city, and the University is lucky enough to be situated south of downtown, a location that allows students to see a little more of Chicago than one would from a glossy downtown campus. Yet many students will never venture south of B-J; indeed, many students are not even aware that there is a Green Line stop on 63rd and Cottage Grove. The South Side is home to restaurants, stores, and parks, just like the rest of the city.

The Maroon realizes that reading period and finals week are right at our door, so discovering the South Side might not be a priority. But trust us, the break from academics will be good for you, and with winter past us there are few obstacles hindering anyone from exploring the sights of the South Side. You don’t always have to make it to Michigan Avenue to experience Chicago; it’s right outside your door.